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Siding is a building material used on the exterior of homes and commercial structures. Known as cladding, siding, or weather board in various parts of the world, this product protects the interior of a building from water and other exterior elements. It also serves an aesthetic role and is available in a number of textures and materials to suit various decors and home designs.

Composite Siding

While siding has traditionally been made from cedar or pine, these materials can be expensive and also are susceptible to rot and termite damage. Composite siding costs much less than siding made from hardwoods and offers an array of other benefits as well. Some varieties of composite siding are made from shredded wood or sawdust, with a bonding agent added for strength. This variety, known as Oriented Strand Board (OSB), offers the look of solid wood siding for a fraction of the price. Like traditional wood products, OSB is susceptible to moisture damage, but offers a higher level of protection against termites and rot.

Another composite siding to choose from is fiber cement siding. This siding, made from a mixture of cement, recycled content and cellulose fiber, is formed under high pressure to give you a product that withstands all types of weather conditions. With a cedar grain texture on the face of the boards, this option mimics real wood without the worry of destruction from dry rot or termites.

Traditional Wood Siding

If you love the look and feel of real wood, we carry T1-11 siding made out of doug fir. With its re-sawn texture face and 3 different groove patterns, as well as no grooves, this option has been used for decades to side homes.

We also have the ability to special order pattern wood siding products. Bring in a sample of your current siding, and our staff will help you match or find an appropriate pattern for your home.


Whether you’re a contractor or weekend “do-it-yourselfer,” trims are an inexpensive option to improve the exterior décor of your home.

We stock three types of trim:

LP “Smart” Trim – A pre-primed composite trim with a cedar grain look. Offered in 4/4″ and 5/4″ thickness.

“KlearChoice” Trim – Made of finger jointed radiata pine. A “No Knot” product. It comes with a re-sawn face. Offered in 2×4 – 12″ widths.

Traditional Wood – A spruce wood that is pre-primed with a combed face. Available in 1x & 2x thicknesses.

Wayside carries a premium selection of long lasting siding and trim.

  • Real wood products
  • Long life composites

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