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Wayside Lumber’s Yard has the lumber you need for all your custom framing needs, arbors, additions, patio covers, new homes, remodels and more.


Whether you are looking for forming panels for your concrete pours or sheathing for a house, we have a broad selection of plywood and OSB to meet your needs.

Our construction plywood is made from Douglas Fir veneers. Our customers prefer Doug Fir because of its strength, stability and weather resistance. We stock CDX sheathing and underlayment grades.


We stock a full line of ground contact douglas fir pressure treated lumber; 2x, 4x, 6x and plywood, all sizes available.

The material of choice for outdoor structures is, of course, wood. Not only is it beautiful, it’s inexpensive, easy to work with and doesn’t require any specialized tools. Wood makes a wonderful meal for the insects and bacteria for your backyard and left untreated can be destroyed within a few years.

We highly recommend pressure treated products for the understructure of your deck. We stock a wide assortment of pressure treated wood products.


Wayside Lumber carries a large selection of Simpson Strong-Tie Hardware for all your construction needs.

Wholesale prices on quality materials!

  • Standard Lumber
  • Pressure Treated Lumber
  • Plywood & OSB
  • CDX Sheathing & Underlayment
  • Fortress Railings
  • Simpson Hardware

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